I just wanted to let everyone know that a fix is being implemented in the Rackspace Public Cloud (where we are now hosting the Forums) over the next several Days. We are in the Chicago Datacenter, so there may be reboots of the hosts, which would mean that the server hosting our forums could be rebooted.

This action is planned for the following time:
ORD: 10:00PM CST on Wednesday, November 19th (4:00AM GMT, 12:00PM HKT, 3:00PM AEDT on Thursday, November 20th) to 8:00AM CST on Thursday, November 20th.

I will be performing backups just prior to the maintenance window starting to prevent potential downtime and/or problems with services coming back up.

Here is my plan:

1.) Take a snapshot of the VM

2.) Run the Standard Filesystem Backup

3.) Run a backup of the database

Should any of the running services not come back up, I will have multiple ways to restore service.

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